Homeowners Association Management Division

The Homeowners Association (HOA) Management division of HND Realty LLC has been managing communities since 1998. While building residential communities, HND would manage the association during the time of the construction and initial sales of the units. As a manager and developer of property, HND developed expertise in establishing budgets to set HOA fees and budget for reserves. When the developer control period was over, association management would pass to an outside management company.

The company believed that there was a need in the marketplace for a company that could provide its customers with a high level of customer service and an attention to detail. In 2005, HND made a strategic decision to enter the HOA management business as a separate division, managing communities beyond those it had developed.

While the company has only begun soliciting new association management business in recent years, we have been in the association management business in excess of ten years. The principals of the company have developed and constructed communities in the Nashville area since 1997, building more than 1300 units during that time. While the communities were in development, the company managed the communities. HND decided to add this service division to its company. Contact us to find out more about our Home Owners Association Management division.

Advantages of working with our firm as your Community’s Property Manager are:

  • Developer and manager of residential communities – since 1998 we have developed and managed dozens of residential communities in the Greater Nashville area. As a developer of projects, we understand all the requirements of accurate budgeting, to ensure the long–term financial health of a community. We have projects ongoing regularly. We have a stable of working contractors who can be used for your project. We are constantly evaluating the work of these contractors.
  • Personalized service – we bring a high level of customer service to each of our projects. Your property manager is accessible to the Board. While frequently walking the property, they introduce themselves to residents and pass out business cards. They encourage residents to call with issues and concerns about the property.
  • Reporting – HND creates easy to read and understandable reports that assist the board in making decisions. The company recently invested in specialized software for homeowners associations. Not only does it allow for improved financial report, it allows for the tracking of all activities at your property.

HOA Scope Of Services

  1. Planning Services
  • Perform a comprehensive inspection of all personal and real property and provide a written report
  • Develop a plan for ongoing operation of the association that will include regular and seasonal maintenance
  1. Financial Services
  • Establish and maintain book of accounts
  • Establish bank accounts
  • Make timely deposits
  • Collect all required fees including delinquent accounts
  • Ensure timely payments of all invoices
  • Prepare and file all required tax documents
  • Prepare monthly financial reports for the board plus other financial reports the board may require to fulfill its duties
  1. Annual Meetings
  • Prepare and mail all notices, proxies, ballots and agendas in accordance with the requirements of the Master Deed and By-Laws
  • Assist the Board as necessary with the preparation and presentation of planning materials to the members
  1. Board Meetings
  • Schedule and provide a place to meet for all board meetings
  • Prepare and mail agenda to all Board members in advance
  • Provide updated financial information
  1. Operational Services
  • Contract for and provide oversight for maintenance work
  • Ensure implementation of maintenance plan as provided by the Board
  • Regularly inspect association property to identify potential maintenance issues
  • Maintain all correspondence
  1. Insurance/Legal
  • Prepare bid specifications for insurance; evaluate all bids and contract for services
  • Process all insurance claims as required
  • Maintain relationship with legal counsel to advise the board on legal issues and to assist with legal claims involving the association

The company is a member in good standing with the following organizations:

  • Better Business Bureau of Nashville
  • Community Association Institute
  • Greater Nashville Association of Realtors
  • Middle Tennessee Homebuilders Association
  • Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

The corporate office is located at 421 East Iris Drive, Suite 300, Nashville, Tennessee, 37204