Homeowners Association and Condo Association Management

Some Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are completely self-managed by members of the community. But between working, spending time with their families, and pursuing their other interests, most HOA board members don’t have enough time to stay on top of paying the association’s bills, scheduling meetings, and collecting dues. That’s why HND Realty LLC helps HOAs for single-family homestownhomes, and condominiums by providing HOA management services.

Our HOA Management Services

At HND Realty LLC, we will appoint a property manager who is directly responsible for your HOA. Your property manager will handle all of the duties that your board members previously took care of, including the following:

  • preparing a yearly budget
  • collecting dues
  • managing the association’s balance sheet
  • follow-up with members whose dues are late
  • performing site inspections
  • maintaining the appearance of communal spaces
  • building relationships with local services providers for the maintenance of the common area and those spaces are determined by the associations governing documents
  • communicating with the board members, as well as all other residents
  • issues that arise as soon as possible
  • attending HOA meetings

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Why Hire an HOA Management Company?

Aside from the obvious benefit of saving time for your HOA’s board members, a management company has expertise in the skills needed to run an HOA. At HND Realty LLC, we’re an experienced HOA management company that has already developed relationships with landscapers, general contractors, and other vendors whose services will be needed at some point for repairs and maintenance. Because of our familiarity with these vendors, we can generally get a faster response and negotiate a better price. If there is a dispute between residents, we are well-versed in the legal statutes that govern the areas in and around Nashville so that we can provide objective advice. Also, we’re experienced professionals who will keep detailed records of the payments you’ve received, your expenses, most recent service calls, and more.

Why Choose HND Realty LLC

HND Realty LLC is owned and operated by Nashville natives who have played a part in the development of local communities for decades. We’ve grown to become an expert in HOA management. We are secure in our values, committed to our established reputation, and strive to provide the best in the management of Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations. To learn more about the services that we can offer to your community, call us at 615-297-7711 or contact our office online.