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Why Are Short-term Rentals (Like Airbnb) Bad for Communities?

A bustling downtown area in the evening time

Airbnb allows property owners to rent their homes or apartments to people who are looking for a place to stay. Hosts often use short-term rentals as supplemental income, but for many people, this is their primary job. Because Airbnbs can be lucrative, more and more people are buying properties that they plan to use solely…Read More

A Checklist for Homebuyers

A person handing another person keys over a document and pen

First-time homebuyers can feel a little bit intimidated by the home-buying process. However, the initial excitement of searching for a house doesn’t have to end. As a buyer, you should know what to expect, so be sure to reference the following guide when buying a home. Get a Pre-Approval

The Benefits of Buying a New-Build Home

A grey and white two story home

Homebuyers can choose from a new home, a foreclosure, or a re-sale. New-build homes have become strong contenders in home searches for the numerous benefits they offer. Here are the top benefits of buying a new-build home. More Convenience With a new-build home, you can move in with only your suitcases and without any worries.…Read More

Nashville: A Puppy Parent’s Paradise

A black and white dog standing outside

When you visit Nashville, you’ll quickly discover you’ve arrived at the ultimate puppy paradise. Explore a variety of dog-friendly events and venues for an unforgettable experience in Tennessee’s capital city. Dog-Friendly Events

Five Tips for Purchasing a Retirement Home

An elderly couple embracing each other

Most Americans save for decades so that they can afford a comfortable retirement in a desirable location. When the time to purchase a retirement home arrives, these five tips can help guide you to a smart decision. Consider an Early Purchase Many people decide to buy a retirement home when they have several years of…Read More

A Home Seller’s Guide to Pre-Sale Renovations

A variety of tools laid out

Do you have your eyes set on your dream house but still need to sell your current home? As a homeowner, you know that your property is your biggest investment, and when you’re ready to move, you want to secure the most significant return possible. As you investigate ways to draw in enthusiastic buyers, your…Read More

Home Activities to Try During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A toy car on a game board

Though the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep everyone indoors, you don’t have to go without family fun. Video streaming platforms like Zoom make it easy to connect with friends and family while everyone stays apart, and when you’re happy to kick back with your own household, there are plenty of games to try and enjoy.…Read More

Stay-at-Home Family Activities for Your Teen

Two people playing with a mini Foosball table

Staying at home isn’t only difficult for working parents—after transitioning to online learning and a socially-distant summer fast approaching, teenagers are also having trouble adjusting to their new routines. Check out four ways you and your teen can turn quarantine time into family time. Cook and Eat Together Of course, you could make things quick…Read More

How COVID-19 Might Affect the Real Estate Market

A house key sitting in the lock of an open door

As weeks under social distancing restrictions turn into months, few Americans have been shopping for new homes. Individuals who were thinking about moving before coronavirus became an epidemic may be unsure how to proceed, especially when a new job or other circumstances mandate relocation. These are the predictions experts have made so far about how…Read More

COVID-19 Testing Centers in the Nashville Area

A woman sitting down and coughing

Individuals experiencing respiratory symptoms or other related COVID-19 symptoms may have contracted coronavirus. At the current COVID-19 testing centers in the Nashville area, those who have been exposed to the virus can receive a screening to determine if they are infected. Follow these steps to seek a coronavirus screening in Davidson County. Call the COVID-19…Read More

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