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Stay-at-Home Family Activities for Your Teen

Two people playing with a mini Foosball table

Staying at home isn’t only difficult for working parents—after transitioning to online learning and a socially-distant summer fast approaching, teenagers are also having trouble adjusting to their new routines. Check out four ways you and your teen can turn quarantine time into family time. Cook and Eat Together Of course, you could make things quick…Read More

How COVID-19 Might Affect the Real Estate Market

A house key sitting in the lock of an open door

As weeks under social distancing restrictions turn into months, few Americans have been shopping for new homes. Individuals who were thinking about moving before coronavirus became an epidemic may be unsure how to proceed, especially when a new job or other circumstances mandate relocation. These are the predictions experts have made so far about how…Read More

COVID-19 Testing Centers in the Nashville Area

A woman sitting down and coughing

Individuals experiencing respiratory symptoms or other related COVID-19 symptoms may have contracted coronavirus. At the current COVID-19 testing centers in the Nashville area, those who have been exposed to the virus can receive a screening to determine if they are infected. Follow these steps to seek a coronavirus screening in Davidson County. Call the COVID-19…Read More

How Will COVID-19 Impact Lease Agreements?

A typewriter typing out "COVID 19"

The coronavirus epidemic has had a profound impact on most areas of life, including leases and other legal documents. As individuals feel the economic effects of COVID-19 through job loss, illness, or business closures, many people wonder if they can postpone rent payments. Others might want to extend a lease to avoid moving during this…Read More

Making the Most of Your Move During COVID-19

Multiple boxes stacked along a wall

In this time of uncertainty, moving can be even more stressful than it usually is. Keep these strategies and tips in mind when moving or making the decision to move during COVID-19. Is This Move “Essential”? Try to work with your current realtor or landlord to see if your move can be pushed back to…Read More

What to Know Before Moving to Tennessee

An aerial view of Tennessee

Considered moving to Tennessee recently? If so, there are opportunities to explore exciting cities like Nashville and Memphis or venture out into the Appalachian Mountains. It’s also relatively inexpensive to live in Tennessee, with a median home value of $170,801, according to Neighborhood Scout. But there are other key factors to consider when moving to…Read More

Three Day Trips to Take From Nashville

Dunbar Cave State Park

Whether you live in Nashville or you’re spending a week or two here on vacation, you’ll find so much to see both within city limits and throughout the region. When you’re in the mood for a day trip, these are some of the most interesting and fun destinations within a short drive of the Music…Read More

Navigating Nashville’s Many Transportation Options

A woman sitting on the back of a bus

Due to the large population and numerous roads, navigating in and around Nashville traffic may seem like a nightmare to some visitors. However, there are plenty of alternative modes of transportation available throughout the city, making it one of the most accessible places to get around. Guests and locals alike can get to their destination…Read More

More Than Just Bluegrass: Nashville’s Booming Tech Industry

An overhead shot of a city during the evening

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see cranes dotting the skyline of Nashville, helping to construct all of the new housing that is needed. The growing demand for a home in Nashville may no longer be only due to its popular bluegrass music or health field, but, in fact, a boom in the technology industry. The…Read More

Townhouses and Condos: Which One Is Best For Me?

Two women sitting at a desk shaking hands

You may be struggling to decide between townhome or condominium ownership since they seem similar, at least on the surface. Townhomes are single-family homes that share one or more walls with other units. They are often two stories with the first floor consisting of the living area and the bedrooms comprising the second floor. Condos…Read More

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