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The Fastest Growing Industries in Nashville

A Nashville shoreline

Nashville is quickly becoming the next big business hub in the United States. Its central location, lack of income taxes, and thriving airport are a few reasons it’s an increasingly popular destination for a diverse collection of companies. Learn more about the fastest-growing industries in Music City and how this could affect homes for sale…Read More

5 Suburbs in Metro Nashville With Highly Rated School Districts

Young students in class working

Nashville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. With affordable housing, a famous music and entertainment scene, and ample employment opportunities, it’s easy to see why people are flocking to the Music City and the surrounding suburbs. For families in search of homes for sale, one of the most important criteria is the…Read More

Holiday Festivities in Nashville

Holiday lights hanging up high

Is there anything quite like the joy that comes around the holidays? The smell of bonfires wafting through the air while snowflakes fall and cover the Earth with a layer of thick white bliss. While there are many great places to celebrate the happiest time of the year, there is something extra special about Nashville…Read More

Why Nashville Is the Perfect Place to Move for Healthcare Workers

Nashville TN

Nashville is an excellent place for all to call home, but there are some especially great perks for healthcare workers, including the city’s vibrant healthcare economy. Nashville’s health services took root five decades ago when a young doctor, Tommy Frist, his father, and Jack Massey started the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). With over 500…Read More

How Smart Home Automation Brings the Best of Homeownership

A door with a smart lock on it

Chances are, you’ve heard of home automation and all the ways it’s redefining home capabilities. But if you haven’t, home automation is all about bringing your home to life through the magic of smart technology. Read on to learn how smart home automation can bring the best out of homeownership and increase the value of…Read More

Why Millennials Are Moving to Nashville in 2020s

A sky view of Nashville

Herds of millennials are flocking to Nashville after years of post-graduate challenges navigating careers, new families, keeping their social calendars, and maintaining their mental health. There are three major reasons this generation is rushing to move to The Music City: a new study by SmartAsset revealed that Nashville ranks #21 among top cities that millennials…Read More

4 Reasons Townhouse Living May Be a Good Fit for You

A row of multi-story townhomes

Often overlooked during the home buying process, townhouses offer several benefits that traditional apartments and single-family homes sometimes lack. From extra security to less responsibility for maintenance and more, townhouses can be an excellent choice for many homeseekers alike. Below are four reasons why you should always keep townhouses in mind while shopping for a…Read More

3 Tips to Help You Qualify for a Mortgage Pre-Approval

A couple looking at a laptop together

As you begin to search for homes for sale in Nashville, you’ve probably enjoyed scrolling through listings and scheduling in-person tours to find your dream home. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan may not be as exciting as home tours, but it’s a crucial part of the process. Getting pre-approved by a lending company shows…Read More

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