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Home to more than 52,000 businesses, Nashville is a thriving entrepreneur haven that makes owning a commercial property an incredibly lucrative venture. Whether you own an office complex, an industrial building, or a retail space, reaping the financial benefits of your property and maximizing your returns starts with the help of Nashville natives, HND Realty LLC.

As your commercial property managers, we’ll handle everything from collecting rent and finding new tenants to arranging for needed repairs and upgrades, with flexible terms so you can pick and choose the services you need.

Full-range Commercial Real Estate Services

HND Realty LLC provides full-service solutions for commercial property owners in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

Brokerage and leasing

Need help leasing out your space to the right tenants? Our knowledgeable property managers specialize in commercial real estate brokerage and leasing services, offering:

  • Expert insight in assessing properties, tenant requirements, and leases
  • An understanding of complex real estate tax laws and regulations
  • Effective negotiation of terms, prices, and contractual agreements
  • Strong support throughout the sale or lease of properties
  • Proven property marketing plans to ensure maximum exposure

With a deep understanding of the complexities of the current Tennessee market, we’ll offer experienced solutions tailored to the individual needs of you and your commercial real estate goals.

Property management

Keeping your property looking and functioning at its best doesn’t have to mean going out to your site every day with a hard hat and a headache. To streamline your daily operations, our property management services keep an ongoing pulse on your property, offering:

  • Preventive and emergency property maintenance
  • Close relationships with vendors and tenants
  • Comprehensive financial reporting and budgeting
  • Negotiation of long-term and short-term leases
  • The collection of rent and other dues

Equipped with decades of experience managing a diverse range of properties, we’re ready to help maximize your investment and increase its overall profitability.

Commercial Properties We Manage

Our portfolio comprises premium commercial real estate throughout Nashville, from chic and trendy to upscale and classic.

  • Industrial property management: We specialize in overseeing large-scale industrial buildings and properties and developing cost-effective strategies to ensure efficiency.
  • Office property management: We offer comprehensive services to ensure that office spaces run smoothly, with support in tenant relations, lease agreements, and asset management.
  • Retail property management: We have a proven track record of success overseeing retail properties, with a focus on delivering maximum occupancy levels, higher returns on investment, and enhanced tenant experiences.

Why Work With a Commercial Property Management Company?

When you choose HND Realty LLC as your commercial property management team, you’ll get:

  • Insider access to a broad range of industry-leading expertise and experience: You’ll be able to leverage the knowledge and expertise of experienced property management professionals to facilitate easier operations.
  • Professional oversight and management: You get comprehensive and efficient management of all the essential functions of a commercial property, including accounting, leasing, tenant relations, and more.
  • Higher ROI: With professional management of your property, you’ll maximize your return on investment with lower maintenance and operational costs.
  • Streamlined reporting: Your property manager will be responsible for regular reports and compliance requirements.
  • Risk mitigation: You’ll receive regular assessments and analyses of all the legal, financial, and operational risks associated with your commercial properties.

By hiring a commercial property management company, you’ll save yourself time and money, while also ensuring your property is adequately managed. In doing so, you can rest assured that your property is profitable, safe, secure — and up to code — without you even being on-site.

HND Realty LLC — Commercial Property Management in Nashville, TN

Since 1994, HND Realty LLC has been providing reliable, professional, and trustworthy commercial and residential property management services to Middle Tennessee. Founded by Nashville natives, we use our years of experience, familiarity with the area, and transparent approach to help our clients maintain properties that hold a high value over time.

Interested in working with our property management team? Please contact one of our agents for information on the availability of commercial space:

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