Five Factors to Consider When Choosing an Apartment

Most apartments require at least a 12-month lease, which is a significant commitment. Before you take the leap, make sure you choose a rental home that fits your lifestyle. Consider these five factors when shopping for a new apartment.

Must-Have Features

Everyone wants a balcony with a gorgeous view and a chef-ready kitchen, but you are unlikely to find a unit with every single amenity on your list of non-negotiable features. Instead, divide your priorities into “must-have” and “nice-to-have” lists so you can zero in on the properties that include the most important things you’re looking for in a new home.

Trustworthy Management

Whether a landlord or property management company takes care of the rental unit, make sure you like and trust the person who is responsible for handling your questions and concerns as a tenant. If your emails and calls go unanswered or the landlord seems rude or dismissive, the situation is unlikely to improve when you live in the apartment.

Appealing Neighborhood

Location is everything when it comes to real estate. Conduct some research and check if your potential rental provides easy access to the places you frequent and a reasonable commute to work. Visit the property both during the day and at night to make sure you feel comfortable and safe in the neighborhood.

Well-Maintained Condition

When viewing a rental unit in person, pay attention to fixtures, appliances, and structure. Does it look like the apartment could use a touch-up? Does it seem dingy or like it hasn’t had a fresh coat of paint in a few years? If so, you should pass up the property to avoid problems that may go unaddressed. If a property manager is showing a unit in poor condition, be wary.

Affordable Price

Have a budget in mind before you go apartment shopping. In general, you should spend about 30% of your monthly income on housing. If you bring home $3,000 a month, look for an apartment with rent of approximately $900 a month.

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