Navigating Nashville’s Many Transportation Options

Due to the large population and numerous roads, navigating in and around Nashville traffic may seem like a nightmare to some visitors. However, there are plenty of alternative modes of transportation available throughout the city, making it one of the most accessible places to get around. Guests and locals alike can get to their destination on time with the following Nashville transportation tips.

The Nashville City Bus

The MTA provides travelers with bus services throughout the city, and for only $5.25, riders can get unlimited-ride passes for the entire day. These downtown buses are known as the Music City Circuit, but there are also plenty of other buses and taxis available. This way, even if riders miss one bus, they still have a way to use public transportation to get throughout the community.

Scooters and Bicycles

If visitors need to get to their destination fast or feel like getting a workout in, many companies offer bicycles and scooters for rent. These can help guests travel without worrying about parking for less than it costs to use ridesharing apps. Most options charge only 15 cents an hour for a bike, and they are available for whatever length of time the rider needs them.

Driving Around

While many people may prefer to use alternative modes of transportation, driving is not discouraged in Nashville. The traffic is not as bad as other popular cities and, if one lives in Nashville and has a car, that may make it even easier to see the more visited spots.

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