Top Factors That Could Hurt Your Property’s Value

You’re eager to sell your home and get started on the next chapter in your family’s story; however, you may not be putting your best foot forward if you’ve posted your listing prematurely. There are a variety of reasons your home’s list price may be devalued from the original purchase price. Review the examples below to learn common culprits of home value depreciation.

Cracked Driveways and Hardscaping

If there are any readily apparent eyesores that draw negative attention to your home’s exterior or reduce your curb appeal, you can expect your home’s value to decrease. Cracked driveways and pathways facing your street could suggest to buyers that the property needs serious TLC. In addition, poor landscaping work—whether it includes dead plants, unkept foliage, or an abundance of debris lying around—may also squeeze value out of your listing.

Neighboring Neglected Homes and Noise Pollution

When selling your home, you should consider external factors that you have little control over that could be hurting your selling price. Even if the rest of the homes on your block are well-maintained and attractive, if you’re too close to the one rotten apple, your property value could suffer serious consequences from being too close to a decaying house.

If you’re close to a hospital, highway, or simply located in a noisy neighborhood, these factors may deter potential buyers. You can install double-paned windows or a front-yard fountain to drown out the buzzing background to help address noise pollution.

Outdated Kitchen and Bathrooms

Your home can be easily dated by the design elements in the kitchen and bathrooms. If you decide to upgrade or make major renovations, don’t skip these important areas of the home that will be used daily. If the tile’s too bold or unique or the hardware has been hanging in for more than a decade or two, you should consider making some updates to recover value.

Count on the knowledgeable agents at HND Realty LLC to help you determine what could be hurting your home’s value before putting out the “For Sale” sign. We’ve helped many of our clients sell homes in the Nashville area and provide comprehensive seller resources to make you feel confident about every decision you make moving forward. Call 615-297-7711 today to speak with a member of our team.

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