A Checklist for Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers can feel a little bit intimidated by the home-buying process. However, the initial excitement of searching for a house doesn’t have to end. As a buyer, you should know what to expect, so be sure to reference the following guide when buying a home.

Get a Pre-Approval

Before a prospective homeowner can get down to business, they should always check their FICO score and work to improve it if necessary. Getting pre-approved entails a review of the buyer’s income, credit report, and other expenses, and the creditor must also agree to loan a particular amount of money for a mortgage. The buyer can then use this information to begin searching for a home.

Search for a Home With a Realtor

Potential homebuyers can scroll through homes online, get advice from friends and relatives, or even drive through the neighborhood they hope to live in, but nothing beats the help of an experienced agent. Agents take care of all the hard work, including handling the contracts, conducting research, and other intricacies of the home-buying process. Their knowledge of the local market makes it possible to get the best out of the deal. Buyers can help by making a list of their must-haves and cross off the homes that don’t meet the mark.

Make an Offer and Have the Home Inspected

There are a host of variables that go into making an offer—something that a real estate professional can help with. Determining the best price for the home based on the market and establishing contingencies and closing timelines are all things that real estate professionals understand. The buyer should always be ready for a counteroffer and not shy away from renegotiating the purchase price. The inspection period is usually between three and five days after the seller accepts the offer, and—even though not an obligation—a thorough inspection of the property is critical. Inspections help determine whether there are issues to take care of before closing.

As a new homebuyer, the close-knit and friendly Nashville community is a great option. To learn more about the neighborhoods or to purchase a property, contact an agent with HND Realty LLC. Since 1994, we’ve developed and designed new homes in the community. Contact us today at 615-297-7711 to get in touch with a realtor.

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