A Home Seller’s Guide to Pre-Sale Renovations

Do you have your eyes set on your dream house but still need to sell your current home? As a homeowner, you know that your property is your biggest investment, and when you’re ready to move, you want to secure the most significant return possible. As you investigate ways to draw in enthusiastic buyers, your first thought may be to consider launching some renovation projects to boost resale value. Depending on your circumstances, a few small projects can do the trick and help you get the most out of the sale. Before you begin laying down a new deck or whipping out a fresh coat of paint, here’s what you need to know.

Not All Home Upgrades Are Created Equal

You want to get buyers in the door ASAP, so you need to think of the best ways to make your current home appear more attractive. While improving the look of your home can draw in leads, increasing your home’s efficiency is the better choice and will make a bigger impact. When considering which projects will yield the best return on investment, look to upgrading the HVAC system, improving insulation, or updating the kitchen. Review the following renovation projects to consider before your real estate agent posts your listing.

Fix Your Flooring

Minor upgrades are the way to go⁠—pricey projects not only eat into your budget but can also significantly extend your timeline. Replacing or refinishing your flooring is an inexpensive fix that will quickly make an impression on prospective buyers. With new floors, the home will look vibrant and well maintained. Homeowners can reap the benefits of up to a 2.5% increase in the home’s price after installing new hardwood.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Modern kitchens are an instant plus for aspiring homeowners. However, these upgrades can become very expensive, very fast. New appliances are a go-to method of adding value, but they typically run about $10,000 for a full kitchen update. Opt for new cabinets, sleek fixture upgrades, and small hardware changes. These additions are usually quick, painless, and will instantly charm open house attendees.

Replace Your Doors

Replacing your front door provides added security, and when you think about it, it’ll be one of the first things prospective buyers touch. A new steel door will provide a great first impression and can net a 101.8% return on resale according to a report from the experts on Remodeling’s site.

After finalizing your last renovation project, connect with the agents at HND Realty LLC to buy a new home in Nashville. For over 30 years, we’ve designed and developed new builds throughout the community using the latest design techniques. We have qualified agents ready to guide you through each step of the transaction. Call us today at 615-297-7711 to inquire about available properties.

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