Five Factors When Searching for a Forever Family Home

Growing families need a home that can accommodate everyone from little ones to teenagers. Those who are choosing a long-term home for a growing brood should keep these factors in mind when evaluating potential houses on the market.

Count on an Extra Bedroom

Conventional wisdom suggests that families need one bedroom for every child plus one for the parents. For many families, having an additional bedroom prevents the need for moving when a new addition comes along, whether they welcome another baby or begin caring for an older parent.

Consider an Open Floor Plan

Many parents like being able to see their little ones from anywhere in the downstairs area. Kitchens that overlook playrooms and interior spaces without walls create visibility while facilitating a space for family entertainment.

Note the Neighborhood

Even the ideal house won’t feel so perfect if the neighborhood is less than inviting. Parents who are home shopping should drive through their target communities at different times of day and night. Kids riding bikes and playing outside shows that the neighborhood appeals to other growing families.

Other good signs include proximity to local parks, schools, and kid-friendly dining. Families may want to steer clear of neighborhoods that seem too quiet or streets with busy car traffic.

Look for Generous Outdoor Space

One of the benefits of living in Nashville is the gorgeous weather throughout most of the year. Families can take advantage of the warm climate by investing in a property with a spacious backyard with plenty of room for a pool, play gyms, sports equipment, or other amenities as the kids get older.

Don’t Forget About Storage

While closet and garage space isn’t the most exciting part about a new home, families are glad they have the extra space as kids grow up. They can keep the house uncluttered by stowing away sports equipment, off-season clothes, holiday decorations, and other occasionally used items.

Families should be able to picture themselves living in the space; a forever home is one where parents can imagine celebrating holidays, relaxing on weekends, and enjoying backyard barbecues. To learn more about the most family-friendly Nashville communities, contact HND Realty LLC. As locals, we’ve been developing desirable neighborhoods in the metro area for more than three decades. Call our team at 615-297-7711 or complete our online form to begin searching.

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