Four Reasons Why You Should Move to the Suburbs While Working Remotely

COVID-19 and advances in online meeting technology have made working from home more common for many people across the globe. Not having to physically go into work means that millions of workers can now maintain their current positions while enjoying the benefits of suburban life. Here are four reasons why you should relocate to the suburbs while working remotely.

Lower Costs

In moving from the city to the suburbs, you’ll immediately notice a lower cost of living. The average suburban home costs about $230,000, but a similar home in the city sells for over $430,000 according to Rent, taxes, parking, and essentials are all less expensive in more remote areas than in the city, and new homes there are both more affordable and spacious. You will also enjoy spending less money and time commuting to and from the office each day.

Better School Systems

If you have children, another benefit of relocating to the suburbs while working remotely is the robust school systems. Instead of seeking out and budgeting for urban private schools, you can rest assured that your children will enjoy a more affordable and student-focused public education in the suburbs. Transporting your children to and from school will likely also be safer and more convenient in less crowded areas.

Increased Safety and Security

Working from home in the suburbs also comes with increased safety, security, and peace of mind. Instead of living in a more densely populated area where people are living and working in close proximity to one another, you can enjoy quieter streets, safer travel, and a lower risk of crime. Reduced close contact with other people also means a lower risk of contracting COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses.

More Privacy and Space

In the suburbs, there are more opportunities to live a quiet, private life and enjoy the outdoors, green spaces, and fresh, clean air than in crowded urban centers. Parks are more readily accessible, and having more space means that walking, playing sports, and enjoying outdoor recreational activities are all less of a hassle. Additionally, if you become a member of a homeowners association, you will also experience well-maintained, safe neighborhoods and recreational facilities, community resources, and other amenities.

Moving from the city to the suburbs while working remotely can help lower your cost of living, benefit your family, and increase your safety, security, and privacy. HND Realty LLC has been providing a full range of residential real estate services in the greater Nashville area for more than 30 years. Learn more about our residential communities by calling 615-297-7711.

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