Music City Eclipse: Nashville Events at a Glance

Monday, August 21, 2017 – The day an estimated 500 million people have the opportunity to observe the solar eclipse. Residence spanning from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, and through the heart of Middle Tennessee will experience the eclipse in full, while cities outside of the band will see a partial eclipse. This celestial event is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the moon completely block the sun for approximately 2 minutes.

Music City will be the place to be, as Nashville is the largest city on the eclipse’s path to experience the eclipse in full! We are here to keep you in the loop – everything you need to know about the Music City Eclipse.

How do I watch the solar eclipse?

You will need special ISO-approved glasses to view the eclipse safely. Do not look directly at the Sun during the partial eclipse phase.

What time is the eclipse?

The total solar eclipse will enter the state of Tennessee at 1:25 PM CT and exit at 2:36 PM ET. (The change in time zones accounts for the time zone change between locations).

The entire eclipse will last approximately 3 hours.

Will temperatures drop during the eclipse?

Yes! The temperature will lower slightly during the eclipse.

Where should I watch the eclipse?

There are plenty of locations across Middle Tennessee to watch the eclipse, but be sure to plan ahead! The Metro Nashville and Tennessee State Parks offer a great place to view the eclipse amongst the beauty of nature.

Are there any special viewing events?

A number of local businesses are hosting viewing parties. Looking to head downtown? Downtown parking options are available at Park It Downtown.

Mayor Megan Barry will be hosting a viewing party at First Tennessee Park. Grab your tickets here.

Whether you’re hitting the streets of Nashville or getting cozy in your backyard, take the opportunity to view this once in a lifetime eclipse. Get out your glasses, and enjoy the solar eclipse!

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