Stay-at-Home Family Activities for Your Teen

Staying at home isn’t only difficult for working parents—after transitioning to online learning and a socially-distant summer fast approaching, teenagers are also having trouble adjusting to their new routines. Check out four ways you and your teen can turn quarantine time into family time.

Cook and Eat Together

Of course, you could make things quick and easy with a curbside-delivered meal: less mess and stress. But since you have more time on your hands, get your teens involved in preparing dinner for the whole family. You’ll get a chance to spend quality time together, learn new recipes, and even add to the fun by organizing themed meals!

Get Active

With gyms and public swimming pools closed for the time being, you’ll need to find new ways to get in your daily exercise. You and your teen can get together in the backyard to try family yoga, cardio, or even the latest Tik Tok dance. Whatever you decide, your teen will likely be eager to find new ways to break up the day.

Learn Something New Together

Has your teen always been curious about crafting or DIY projects? Now that you have more time and more of each other, you can delve into new projects or activities while learning together along the way. Consider gardening, baking, playing instruments, or home improvement projects. Most importantly, decide on the activity together.

Host a Game Night

As you resist the urge to binge-watch TV shows together in an effort to reduce screen time, you can still gather in your living area to participate in activities for the whole family. Play a board game or work on puzzles together. To keep things exciting, offer weekly prizes for winners. Game ideas can include Monopoly, Clue, or Scrabble.

While quarantining isn’t ideal for every family, it gives everyone valuable time together at home. HND Realty LLC is ready to give a home a new meaning to you by providing our residents with comfortable and enjoyable living experiences in Nashville-area communities. Contact us to inquire about our available properties today.

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