How COVID-19 Might Affect the Real Estate Market

As weeks under social distancing restrictions turn into months, few Americans have been shopping for new homes. Individuals who were thinking about moving before coronavirus became an epidemic may be unsure how to proceed, especially when a new job or other circumstances mandate relocation. These are the predictions experts have made so far about how […]

COVID-19 Testing Centers in the Nashville Area

Individuals experiencing respiratory symptoms or other related COVID-19 symptoms may have contracted coronavirus. At the current COVID-19 testing centers in the Nashville area, those who have been exposed to the virus can receive a screening to determine if they are infected. Follow these steps to seek a coronavirus screening in Davidson County. Call the COVID-19 […]

How Will COVID-19 Impact Lease Agreements?

The coronavirus epidemic has had a profound impact on most areas of life, including leases and other legal documents. As individuals feel the economic effects of COVID-19 through job loss, illness, or business closures, many people wonder if they can postpone rent payments. Others might want to extend a lease to avoid moving during this […]

Making the Most of Your Move During COVID-19

In this time of uncertainty, moving can be even more stressful than it usually is. Keep these strategies and tips in mind when moving or making the decision to move during COVID-19. Is This Move “Essential”? Try to work with your current realtor or landlord to see if your move can be pushed back to […]