The Fastest Growing Industries in Nashville

Nashville is quickly becoming the next big business hub in the United States. Its central location, lack of income taxes, and thriving airport are a few reasons it’s an increasingly popular destination for a diverse collection of companies. Learn more about the fastest-growing industries in Music City and how this could affect homes for sale in Nashville.


Nearly 500 healthcare companies operate out of Nashville, making it the largest industry in the region. With over 150,000 jobs added to the local economy annually, it’s also the area’s largest employer. Additionally, the quality of life in Nashville makes it an ideal place for Healthcare professionals to move.

Music and Entertainment

Nashville has long been a destination for its music and entertainment scene. Known around the world as Music City, it has some of the country’s biggest and best record labels. The wealth of opportunities is a beacon for up-and-coming artists and musicians.

Advanced Manufacturing

Tennessee is an ideal location for manufacturing production with advantages like low cost of doing business, a skilled workforce, and outstanding transportation connections. Companies like Nissan and General Mills are two of the many companies to establish a manufacturing operation in the city.


Big names in manufacturing and technology like Amazon and Facebook are expanding their operations to Nashville. The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development reported nearly 13,000 jobs created in 2020, bringing over $5 billion to Tennessee’s economy.

Corporate Operations

Tennessee’s logistical advantage continues to attract national and regional corporate headquarters to Nashville. From State Farm Insurance to Walgreens and Dollar General, businesses of all kinds are recognizing the benefits of building or expanding their organizations in Nashville.

Supply Chain Management

For distribution, market research, and transportation costs, Nashville’s location is one of the most competitive and affordable in the nation. Top distribution firms like Under Armour and Gap have increased distribution operations in the region.

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