Which Home Maintenance Projects Should You Do Each Year?

Keeping up with annual home maintenance projects keeps your home looking beautiful and protects your investment year after year. Whether you choose to do these yourself or hire a professional, here are a few seasonal maintenance tasks that you should add to your calendar.

Spring Session

It’s called spring cleaning for a reason. As winter fades away, it’s the perfect time to freshen up your home. In your yard, rake up any remaining leaves and place a fresh layer of mulch in your flower beds. Inspect your trees for branches that have died over the winter and trim them back before summer storms roll around. If you have a green thumb, reseed and fertilize your lawn. Spring is also the best time of year to plant perennials. Clear out the gutters and touch up the paint on your home’s exterior if you notice large patches of cracking or peeling. Finally, you should consider having your HVAC system serviced to make sure you’re ready for the first summer heatwave.

Summer Checklist

As the weather warms up, you should focus on outdoor maintenance by keeping the lawn trimmed and garden watered. If you have a pool, clean it every day and check the chemical levels at least once a week. You should change your AC filter, especially as you begin running the air more often. Take steps to keep your home safe from any pests that might try to sneak inside.

Fall Agenda

If you want to grow fall perennials, plant them after the weather begins to cool but before the first frost. Rake up stray leaves and bag them for disposal. Clean and inspect your gutters to make sure they’re in good shape. Service your furnace and ductwork so that the heating system will be ready to work at peak efficiency when you need it. You should also have your boiler, dryer vent, and chimney cleaned and serviced.

Winter Tasks

As temperatures fall, check your HVAC system’s filters. Some models need to have their filters changed once a month with heavy use. You should also stock up on canned food and bottled water in case you lose power during inclement weather.

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